• What we do


    It is about campaigns that communicate effectively, and partnerships that keep stakeholders strategically connected.

    We do our best to take clients from good to great, venturing beyond comfort zones to deliver a positive change

    Areas of Expertise

    Financial Services
    Healthcare and Sports
    Social Causes


    Blogger Engagements
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Crisis Communications
    Experiential Marketing
    Litigation PR
    Media Relations
    Media Training
    Product/Service Launches
    Strategic Counsel

    Digital & Social Media

    Huntington enables businesses to make sense of the online discourse, and take ownership of digital conversations. Services include:

    Brand Intelligence & Listening
    Branded Content Creation
    Community Management
    Digital & Social Media Marketing
    Digital Strategic Campaigns
    Influencer Engagement
    Social Media Channel Management
    Video Production & Distribution

    Crisis Communications

    Being crisis-ready starts with having a plan: where operating procedures and holding statements are in place. Huntington equips businesses to be up and ready, at tough times.

    Huntington's crisis management team has won awards for crisis counseling. Crises handled:
    Data breach
    Financial crisis
    Leadership renewal
    National epidemics
    Natural disasters
    Product recalls

    Events Management

    Huntington powers events with great, creative ideas to bring brand stories to life. Services include:
    Catering / Entertainment
    Event Concept / Presentation
    Media Relations
    Photography / Videography
    Social Media Components
    Speech Writing