• A day in the life of a PR intern

    By Genevieve Tan on May 26 , 2016

    Hi everyone! I’m Genevieve, Huntington Communication’s most recent intern. I’ve been at HC for three weeks so far. At first glance you may be wondering, it has barely been a month – do you even have any content to write about at all?? Or like most of my peers who often warn that I will be spending a lot of time buying coffee for the office, I assure you it is not the case.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a whole lot more than just putting together media clippings and reports. After the first three days, I found myself sitting in for meetings, working on presentation decks, concept sheets and drafting press release materials (amongst many other things!).

    Immediately in my first week, I noticed one thing in particular that the team at HC had in common – everyone is a foodie. I still remember Bless and Shafina sharing with me on my first day that the team will probably bring me around to try all sorts of cuisine for lunch, and I truly have not been disappointed.

    IMG_2016-05-26 16:22:16IMG_2016-05-26 16:22:25

    The yummiest Thai-style roasted beef tortilla wrap I’ve had (and its only a street away from Trivex! (top) and on days where there is a need to run errands (#internduties), we indulge in some chirashi goodness (bottom).

    Also being somewhat reliant on caffeine (I largely blame it on college), I was determined to find the best coffee joint that’ll help me through the rest of my time at HC. After a caffeine fuelled week, I’m proud to report that my efforts have not been for naught. Things were looking good.

    IMG_2016-05-26 16:22:31

    Friendly bilingual staff and coffee that packs a punch – what’s there not to love?

    I’m quite certain that at the onset of one’s PR career (and also after binge watching the Sex and The City series by the season), you’d envisioned it to be similar to the lifestyle Samantha Jones lived – sipping bubbly, always being dressed to the nines, and of course, making sure that all loose ends are tied together nicely.

    While this idea of PR may not be entirely inaccurate, I’m pretty sure that somewhere along the way, people seem to forget that the life of a PR practitioner isn’t all that glitzy and glamorous. Often times, they come to work earlier than most, and they also leave later than most. Simply put, they hustle – all the time, placing the satisfaction of clients at the top of their list.

    Whenever I meet up with schoolmates for our customary internship-period dinners, or even when I’m lounging around with my family, I often receive plenty of oohs and ahhs whenever I share with them my day-to-day experience as an intern at HC.

    Its often during these moments that I realize I’ve been fortunate enough to have had my first ever internship at HC, and for having met such a fun-loving and encouraging team, guiding Zoe (intern #1) and I whenever we have questions or when we’ve stumbled upon roadblocks. It has been a great experience so far, being given the opportunity to share my ideas with the team and working on actual projects with our clients – opportunities that not many are given.

    With about 12 weeks left of my stint at HC, I am excited to tackle more projects, to dabble with a wider range of industries, to try more yummy food, and also come out of this internship  knowing that I’ve hustled, and that I’ve gained a world of experience while I’m at it.