• Italian Heritage House Reputation Architects Joins PROI Worldwide

    By PROI Worldwide on June 07 , 2018

    Italian PR and consultancy firm Heritage House Reputation Architects has become a partner agency of PROI Worldwide, the pre-eminent global partnership of independent communications agencies. With 75 agencies across five continents, PROI Worldwide is the world’s largest communications partnership with more than 5,400 staff servicing 8,200+ clients and 2017 net fee income of US$ 868+ million.

    Established in 2014 in Milan, with a secondary office in Rome, Heritage House is a consultancy firm with extensive professional experience in Reputation Building, Crisis Management and CSR. Special attention is dedicated to Business Education. Heritage House is run by a management with international experience.

    “We are excited about becoming part of PROI Worldwide, the largest partnership of successful independent agencies all over the world,” said Federico Cerrato, Founder and CFO of Heritage House. “Our consultancy has enjoyed a 40% average annual growth rate the last 4 years with a well-balanced presence in different business areas representing: Healthcare (30%), Agribusiness/Chemical (20%), Food (15%), Transportation (15%), and Imaging (20%). In these times of disruptive change PR professionals need to provide advice to senior management on how to increase their number of advocates”.

    According to PROI Worldwide’s Global Chair Clare Parsons, Chair of London based Lansons, “Heritage House’s strength relies on four strong business partners who provide clients with a broad experience, especially in highly-regulated industries such Life Sciences”. Parsons added that the agency’s special focus on improving and defending corporate reputation and its investments in stakeholder engagement, corporate reputation and CSR made the agency a natural choice to include in PROI Worldwide’s global partnership. “Our growth in the Italian market will also be enhanced by a third office in Rome, in addition to our strong presence in Milan, the economic heart of Italy, which has become increasingly appealing to foreign companies that have decided to establish their Italian headquarters there, and Torino, to meet the needs of our Italian and global clients”.

    The agency’s mission of leveraging a company’s heritage, its commitment to involvement in society and its goal to promote social inclusion led to the agency’s involvement in business education.

    “After almost 20 years in Global PR firms, I joined Heritage House”, said Elisabetta Moroni, MD of Heritage House. “We focus on three areas: awareness, leadership and values. From senior management to the sales force, we help clients develop a deeper understanding of their leadership role, leveraging on their reputation and identity”.

    The digital transformation has heavily affected the way in which companies must improve, or defend, their reputation. This means that Heritage House’s Crisis Communication and Public Affairs practice, led by partner Roberto Adriani, represents another strong area of expertise at the agency.

    Heritage House business education approach includes observational skills workshops, using innovative tools such the interpretation of arts masterpieces, from Renaissance, led by partner Fabio Romano Moroni.


    About Heritage House Reputation Architects
    Based in Milan and Rome, the agency is led by four business partners and 10 professionals with international experience. Established in 2014, the agency is focused on healthcare, agribusiness & chemical, food & nutrition, transportation and manufacturing. The agency advises national and international clients within Italy and across EMEA.

    About PROI Worldwide
    PROI Worldwide, the world’s largest partnership of integrated independent communications agencies, was founded in Europe in1970 and has offices in more than 135 cities in 50+ countries. With 75 agencies across five continents, PROI Worldwide is the 5th largest communications partnership in the world with more than 5,400 staff servicing 8,200+ clients worldwide and 2017 net fee income exceeding US$ US$ 868 million.

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