PROI completes ASEAN network in view of the strategic importance of this region

In the last 12 months, the consortium has added six new agencies to its roster, bringing the group’s network to 17 agencies in Asia and Australia-New Zealand.


PROI Worldwide just concluded its 47th Annual Global Summit in Sydney Australia, with more than 60 of the world’s leading PR agency owners committing to build new pathways to more effective communications.

Change in industry landscape

The conclusion of the Annual Global Summit has seen the world’s leading PR agency owners come to the consensus that there is now a new normal in the way messages are sent and received, dramatically changing the way our views of the world are formed.

For brands, the question of how to communicate is not as simple as it once was. According to Mr. Tsang, “Ten years ago, we questioned; PR or advertising? Nowadays, we ask a bewildering array of questions:  owned, earned, or paid media? Content marketing, native advertising or influencer relations? What do we do about social media trolls and fake news?”

In a world where people are inundated with thousands of messages on a daily basis, finding a path in the forest underbrush is essential for success. And brands, more often than not, suffer through topics as puzzling as millenials and social media, and as daunting as big data and analytics.

Opportunities in Asia Pacific

This explosion of options has gotten businessmen and politicians in a bind, making the consultants that provide clear advice on the way forward, all the more necessary. PROI Worldwide, for one, is wasting no time in capitalizing on this sea change.

With over $800 million in revenue spread across 75 partners in 50 countries, the industry consortium is among the three largest public relations organizations in the world. “From less than a dozen agencies four decades back, PROI now serves over 5,000 corporations with more than 5,000 employees globally,” says Allard van Veen, PROI Worldwide Managing Director

The opportunities are all the more apparent in Asia and Australia. With more than 4.4 billion people, and an aggregate GDP of over $24 trillion, Asia Pacific is the world’s largest economic powerhouse. The region is also expected to achieve the fastest economic growth rates in a world that has vacillated between expansion and contraction in the last five years.

“Consultants thrive in this environment of confusion, where there is a clear need for people who can point the way forward,” says Lena Soh-Ng, Senior Partner at Huntington Communications and Co-Chair of PROI Asia-Pacific Crisis Group. “We provide options that minimize risks, and corporations, personalities, and the government place a lot of value in these options when there are great opportunities ahead,” Ms. Soh-Ng adds.

Mirroring the strategic importance of the region, PROI has expanded its partnership in Asia Pacific by more than 30 percent in the last year alone. “Just in the last 12 months, we have added six new agencies to our roster, bringing our network to 17 organizations, from 11 last year,” said Mr. van Veen.


PROI Worldwide is the longest-running partnership of public relations agencies, founded in 1970. Since then, PROI has grown to encompass 75+ partner agencies with 5,000+ PR professionals across five continents, 50 countries and 100+ cities.

Banner image: Wikimedia Commons

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